Deep History Art Trail

The Deep History Coast in north Norfolk is home to the earliest evidence of humans in Britain. The discovery of flint artefacts and human footprints dating from almost a million years ago provides a tantalising glimpse into our deep past. The coast has also revealed extinct animals, including the West Runton Mammoth, and a wealth of environmental information from a time when Britain was still joined to mainland Europe.

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North Norfolk Deep History Coast
The West Runton Mammoth (©David M.Waterhouse)

Get Crafty

This autumn we’re encouraging children (and adults) to be inspired by some of the fascinating discoveries from the Deep History Coast and to get creative. Imagine living in a world populated by magnificent mammoths and enormous elks and then turn your ideas into artwork!

Get Inspired – Out and About

If you’re looking for inspiration for your artwork why not get out and explore the Deep History Coast using the free augmented reality app that will bring you face to face with people and creatures from the past.

Get Inspired – Online

Online you can find information on the Pathways to Ancient Britain website or visit the wonderful Twilight Beasts blog to learn more about the spectacular animals that once lived in Norfolk.

Display Your Creations

We’d love to see people displaying their artwork in their windows as part of a Deep History Community Art Trail. How many stone age animals will you spot when you’re out and about?!

Your Artwork Online?

If you’d like to share your creations with the wider world then please email us a photo or scan of your artwork and we’ll choose a selection to put up on our Pathways to Ancient Britain website. Email:

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About us

The Pathways to Ancient Britain (PAB) project focuses on three chronological periods of human presence in the British Isles, from the earliest occupation (found at Happisburgh!) through to extinction of the Neanderthals and the emergence of modern humans. In partnership with North Norfolk District Council and Norfolk Museums Service the PAB project is currently working with local collectors to record finds at Walcott and Bacton following the recent Sandscaping works. If you are interested in finding out more about this project please visit our website.