Peter Hoare’s Publications

Below we have provided a comprehensive list of Peter Hoare’s publications:

Lewis, S.G., Ashton, N.M., Davis, R.J., Hatch, M., Hoare, P.G., Voinchet, P. and Bahain, J-J. (submitted). A revised terrace stratigraphy and chronology for the early Middle Pleistocene Bytham River in the Breckland of East Anglia, UK. Quaternary Science Reviews.

Bynoe, R., Ashton, N.M., Grimmer, T., Hoare, P.G., Leonard, J., Lewis, S.G., Nicholas, D. and Parfitt, S.A. (2021). Coastal curios? An analysis of ex situ beach finds for mapping new Palaeolithic sites at Happisburgh, UK. Journal of.Quaternary Science, 36(2), 191-210.

Hoare, P.G., Clark, A. and McCullough, J.L. (In press). An eminent archaeologist and an aspirant prehistorian: Worthington George Smith’s adoption of Vernon Parry Kitchin. Bedfordshire Archaeology.

Hoare, P.G. and McCullough, J.L. (2019). Worthington George Smith (1835–1917): one of the greats of Palaeolithic archaeology but happiest with humble men. Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, 70, 233–256.

Lewis, S.G., Ashton, N.M., Hoare, P.G. and Parfitt, S.A. (2019). Human occupation of Northern Europe in MIS 13: a response to comments by Gibbard et al. (2019). Quaternary Science Reviews, 223, Article UNSP 105851.

Lewis, S.G., Ashton, N.M., Field, M.H., Hoare, P.G., Kamermans, H., Knul, M., Mücher, H.J., Parfitt, S.A., Roebroeks, J.W.M. and Sier, M.J. (2019). Human occupation of northern Europe in MIS 13: Happisburgh Site 1 (Norfolk, UK) and its European context. Quaternary Science Reviews, 211, 34–58.

Davis, R.J., Lewis, S.G., Ashton, N.M., Parfitt, S.A., Hatch, M.T. and Hoare, P.G. (2017). The early Palaeolithic archaeology of the Breckland: current understanding and directions for future research. The Journal of Breckland Studies, 1, 28–44.

Hoare, P.G. and Ashton, N.M. (2016). The Dallow Farm hand-axe: Worthington George Smith’s association with a very early archaeological find. Lithics: the Journal of the Lithic Studies Society, 37, 68–72.

Hoare, P.G. and Ketel, H. (2015). English medieval churches, ‘festival orientation’ and William Wordsworth. In: Pimenta, F., Ribeiro, N., Silva, F., Campion, N., Joaquinito, A. and Tirapicos, L. (eds), SEAC 2011 Stars and Stones: Voyages in Archaeoastronomy and Cultural Astronomy. Proceedings of the SEAC 2011 conference, British Archaeological Reports International Series, 2720, 286–292.

Hoare, P.G. (2015). Arthritic, scavenged and largely abandoned: the curious tale of a giant pliosaur from the Kimmeridge Clay at Stretham, Cambridgeshire, U.K. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 126, 381–389. 

Hoare, P.G. (2015). Orientation of English medieval parish churches. In: Ruggles, C.L.N. (ed.) Handbook of Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy, 3 volumes, Springer, New York, 1711–1718.

Hoare, P.G. (2014). Photographing anything that took his fancy. [The wonderful documentary photography of Hallam Ashley.] British Archaeology, 139 (Nov/Dec), 40–43.

Hoare, P.G. (2014). The geology and geomorphology of Blick Mead. In: Jacques, D. and Phillips, T. Mesolithic settlement near Stonehenge: excavations at Blick Mead, Vespasian’s Camp, Amesbury. The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 107, 14–15.

Ashton, N.M., Lewis, S.G., De Groote, I.E., Duffy, S.M., Bates, M.R., Bates, C.R., Hoare, P.G., Lewis, M.D., Parfitt, S.A., Peglar, S., Williams, C. and Stringer, C.B. (2014). Hominin footprints from Early Pleistocene deposits at Happisburgh, UK. PLoS ONE, 9(2) e88329.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0088329

Larkin, N.R. and Hoare, P.G. (2013). The geological heritage of Banham, south Norfolk: cider, bricks and tunnel vision. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Norfolk, 62, 3−19.

Hoare P.G. and Fiske, R. (2012). The mystery of Sir Jonathan Atkins’ arms. The Heraldry Gazette, 123, 8.

Gale, S.J. and Hoare, P.G. (2012). The stratigraphic status of the Anthropocene. The Holocene, 22, 1478–1481.

Hoare, P.G. (2012). Scandinavian indicators in East Anglia’s “pre-glacial” succession. In Dixon, R.G. (ed.) A Celebration of Suffolk Geology. GeoSuffolk 10th Anniversary Volume, GeoSuffolk, Ipswich, 341–352.

Gale, S.J. and Hoare, P.G. (2012). Quaternary Sediments: Petrographic Methods for the Study of Unlithified Rocks, 2nd edition, The Blackburn Press, New Jersey, 325 pp. 

Lewis, S.G. and Hoare, P.G. (2012). A reinvestigation of the Chapel Hill sands, Norwich, Norfolk.Quaternary Newsletter, 126, 64–66.

Nývlt, D. and Hoare, P.G. (2011). Petrology, provenance and shape of clasts in the glaciofluvial sediments of the Mníšek member, northern Bohemia, Czechia. Sborník Geologických Věd, Antropozoikum (Journal of Geological Sciences, Anthropozoic), 27, 5–22.

Hoare, P.G. (2010). Sir Jonathan Atkins – Holborn House, Barbados – the marble relief of King’s Lynn, Norfolk (1687): a puzzling link? Norfolk Archaeology, 46, 48–62.

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Larkin, N.R. and Hoare, P.G. (2009). Norwich Castle Museum’s glacial erratic database goes ‘live’. Quaternary Newsletter, 117, 17–21.

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Hoare, P.G. (2009). Determining the age of the ancient beach succession at Morston, north Norfolk, U.K., by the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) procedure. Quaternary Newsletter, 118, 36–38.

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